An Introduction

Hi!  I’m Kizzy.

When I was 12, after I managed to reduce an innocent casserole to a charcoal briquette, my home economics teacher told me in front of the whole class that I’d never be a good cook.  When I got home, I cried.  While comforting me, my mum suggested that I prove her wrong.  Inspired, I returned to the classroom and promptly churned out a truly disgusting Christmas cake.

It was the start of a lifelong journey to improve my cooking abilities.  Over the years I’ve had some spectacular successes, and countless more inedible atrocities.  Despite every setback my love of good food has stayed with me, pushing me to go further, learn more, and experiment with unfamiliar techniques and ingredients.

That same love affair with food led me to relocate over a hundred miles to Devon, seduced by the lure of fresh, high quality ingredients and some truly sublime restaurants and producers.  This blog aims to chart my progress as a cook.  My failures and my triumphs, experimental recipes, new techniques, reviews of suppliers, books and festivals.  I hope you enjoy it.

Bon appetit!


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